Support our new Voucher Program

Gateway 2 Missions is intentional about caring for the poor! And to accomplish this, we’ve established the Gateway 2 Missions Voucher Program. This program helps those suffering poverty and in need to obtain the basic supplies, hygiene products, clothes, and food, free of cost!

We’ve partnered with a store owner in Lira, Uganda. And when we identify those who are in the most difficult financial situations and unable to feed their families – they meet with our counselors at our office in Lira, and receive a voucher to shop for themselves. ┬áThis process helps them to become accountable, protects their dignity, and helps them to make the best purchasing decisions for their own household.

Once we’ve conducted a case evaluation and have helped them establish a plan for sustainability moving forward, we then help them with small, no-interest loans to start a business so they can then care for themselves.