Women’s Empowerment: The Skill of Soap Making

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The importance of women’s empowerment cannot be overemphasized. However, economic empowerment-as a component of women empowerment- is imperative in order to make women truly independent.

It is in working towards achieving this that, Gateway 2 Missions organized a two (2) days intensive soap making workshop for the women of Lira communities. The training transferred skills that would provide the women with an income-generating venture to enable them to make extra money; to supplement household income and take care of their needs.

Soap is a common good. Soaps are usually used for washing, bathing, and other types of housekeeping.  It is economically very viable, easy to produce, readily sellable and does not expire. It is also a product whose ingredients are cheap and easy to find. The procedure to make soap isn’t too complicated and it doesn’t take a long time, so women can also manage their everyday duties alongside making soap.

The project was organized by Gateway 2 Missions and was Gateway 2 Missions. The training was conducted by our director Juliet Akello who has years of experience in training and making all kinds of soaps. The training which took place at the Gateway 2 missions in Lira, taught participants how to make various types of soaps. Over hundred (100) women from Akitenino, Teso-bar, Ojwina and the nearby communities benefited from the soap cleaner making training.

The participants were first introduced to the ingredients and procedures theoretically. They then watched the instructor demonstrate making the first batch so that they see the process and safety procedures used. They were then broken in smaller groups to have a hands-on experience, they become the soap makers!

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