Help Rescue Vulnerable Girls and Young Women

The plight of young girls in the villages of Africa is frightening. They are considered the least valuable gender – many are married off at an early age, lack education (as families prefer to educate their sons over their daughters), experience teen pregnancies and are even susceptible to female genital mutilation.

We’re committed to protecting these young girls. Our program is new, but proving to be effective in helping provide these young ladies with a trustworthy ally in their time of need.

We currently have three families in our program. We meet with them on an individual basis, assess their needs, rent them a home, and continue working them over the next three months to determine the best course of action in moving forward. Then, we help them take the necessary steps to ensure they’ll never have to return to the condition in which they started.

We invest approximately $1500 per family to provide them with housing, supplies, mattresses, food, and basic needs, in addition to skills training.