Primitive and Outdated

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 “Agriculture is our wisest pursuit because it will, in the end, contribute most to real wealth, good morals & happiness” ~Thomas Jefferson

Since the Neolithic Era, human beings have used farming as a sustainable food source for their communities. And over the past century, there have been significant advances in technology, from nutrient-filled fertilizer to genetically manufactured seeds that would grow in the most challenging soil. Technology has advanced our ability to cultivate land and meet economic demands here in the US, but what about other countries. Agriculture is the backbone of an economy and continues to be the thriving force behind a country’s sustainability.

For Ugandans, farming is the primary source of livelihood and employment. Accounting for more than 60% of the population (Wagubi). In the US, we are so far removed from agriculturalists and their critical role in our economy. However, with inflation ever so raising the price of food, the concept of farming is steadily becoming a household practice.  Many families recognize the benefits and appreciate the autonomy of farming by establishing a garden in their yard. However, for Ugandans, this is their primary means of livelihood. Ugandans take to the field and cultivate the land manually using the latest technological advancement their money can buy. As primitive as the idea sounds, farming fortifies a community against poverty.

Our organization feeds 25-30 families a month through our programs. We help people who participate in our voucher program, attend the churches we partner with, or are orphaned children who frequent The Center, where we supply food for meals. It is not uncommon for the Pastors connected to Gateway 2 Missions to travel to villages checking on those whom we have helped and in so doing encounter others who are in need. 

The need is great, and to keep up with the demand, we have launched our Farming Initiative. We have rented land to farm maize, eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, and much more. This initiative is a significant move for Gateway 2 Missions and allows us to supply families with fresh ingredients. One crop yielded 35 bags of maize; this is 35 families provided with maize flour suitable for cornmeal or grits. We are also able to supply entrepreneurs with fresh vegetables to sell in their businesses. We give food to families who work the farm, expanding our impact.

In some societies, food is not so accessible and technology not so advanced; however, the art of agriculture is never outdated. One thing all societies have in common is the need for autonomy in our lives, and farming fortifies that notion. The demand, however, will never go away. as we continue to procreate, we will continue to need sustenance to survive. Ugandans are not alone in reverting to agriculture as a means to live, and Gateway 2 Missions is following suit. With our Farming Initiative, we can restock our panty yearly and expand our reach.  


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