Ouni Samuel & the Kingdom Kids

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At Gateway 2 Missions, our mission is to effect change in ways that will impact nearly every aspect of poverty. We focus on three core values, ministering the Word of God, developing entrepreneurs, and creating sustainable businesses to support those in need.

It is through the kindness and generosity of our donors, coupled with the hard-working commitment of our ground team, that our mission is made possible.

One member leads the way on our construction projects – Ouni Samuel! Samuel is a dedicated field officer of Gateway 2 Missions in Lira, Uganda. He is an evangelist, father, and husband – married to his beautiful wife of 34 years, Lillian. Committed to the vision of the ministry, Ouni Samuel joined Gateway 2 Missions in 2018. 

Samuel has a very engaging personality and a sense of humor that keeps everyone around him happy. He loves people irrespective of position, title, and influence. His character exemplifies the love of God. The townspeople and members of the church all testify to his character. We see this through his dedication to the Kingdom Kids and their growth.

Luke 12:48 declares, “To whom much is given, much is required.” Ouni Samuel humbly walks in the position of authority graced to him through Gateway 2 Missions. Since meeting the Kingdom Kids, they have never been the same! They have changed so much in character and have learned a lot in construction, life skills, and more importantly, they have learned to love God.  

The Kingdom Kids are willing to know God more. It’s truly the position of their hearts that makes this work rewarding. Ouni is a father figure and mentor to the kids. They are comfortable around him, and he is graced with the knowledge to handle each one of them. 

Over the past year, the work we’ve shared was led and directed by Ouni Samuel and accomplished by the Kingdom Kids. They’ve traveled far to complete different building projects in Lira, Masaka, and Namutumba districts. We can see the fruits of their labor in the finished work shared on our Facebook page. Together, they have built latrines for schools and houses for the poor and elderly in the villages.  

Samuel’s selfless acts of service and commitment to the Kingdom Kids are a testimony of God’s promise to us. We are grateful to have Ouni Samuel on the team!

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