Hungry & Destitute

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Orphaned at a young age, these children are finding community with Gateway 2 Mission Global Ministries. 

In Africa, a growing number of children are left to fend on their own due to the HIV/Aids epidemic.  Many survive with no kinship network to support them are they grow into adulthood and lack the structure needed to guide them through the world. Deprived of the social skills necessary to help them navigate relationships, the children eventually grow up unequipped to handle everyday life challenges. Through volunteers, we can care for the orphan children, and by doing so, we are extending the Kingdom of God.

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, water, food, and shelter are fundamental necessities for a human being to thrive. In February of this year, we encountered 80 children between the ages of 2 and 17yrs of age who have lost their parents due to the HIV/ AIDS epidemic and other diseases related to poverty. These children roam the street during the day and find a place to sleep on the street at night. We refer to them as the “Street Kids.” Often, going hours, if not days, without food and not knowing when they would eat again, there is no central support system like Foster Care in Africa that would supply orphan children with their basic needs. So, the children wander and roam until someone comes along to help them.  

We have partnered with “The Center” to help support these children in meeting their basic needs. We have volunteers in Africa connected to Gateway 2 Missions that take time out of their day to teach the children life skills. Through daily interaction and games, the children learn how to play well with others and resolve disagreements. The volunteers are skilled in the arts, carpentry, and cement labor, teaching the street kids daily. The children are given hot meals and a place to rest and wash their clothes. We can supply the children with supplies needed to maintain the center’s daily activities and functions because of our generous donors.  

Gateway 2 Missions Global Ministries is about empowering individuals to sustain a better life for themselves and those they support. Although we are meeting a vital need by providing the children with meals and clothing, they need skills necessary to help them build a business and work as they reach adulthood. Our volunteers are making sure to fulfill that mission. 


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